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Greetings! This small nook of the web offers draft to completion, for ...
writing service, clothing designs, single website tasks or full development.

Also found are various suggestions that may help the individual or business.


My name is Brad, the author of this website. This writer resides close by the outer limits of the universe, within the locale of Live Oak, Texas. It's a pleasant place. Not heavily populated, perhaps more like the 80s show, The Dukes of Hazzard. Though, not quite that sparse. The people seem to get along okay, kind of like a family interrelated. Nice celebrations nearby, along with the Live Oak Forum, keep things here fairly interesting.

Here is the short list of basic services. These are offered for individual or business growth.

For any products or services, feel free to message here if you need. Glad you took time to stop by and read through some of this material. And if there's anything you need help with, don't hesitate to message. Thank you.


Maybe you're having trouble forming content (writing), local marketing success (tee shirts), or forming an online presence by blog or website (site making). This place should be able to help with something. Just contact to inquire, relative to the need.

I don't offer highly advanced design. Having advanced bells and whistles is generally not needed for site visitor satisfaction anyway. Indeed, this site is my own build. I like to keep things easy and simple.