Cheap T-Shirts For Family Reunions

(Made 12/2018; Modified 11/2022)

A family lounge for reunion.

Maybe you're getting together to play games or have some easygoing fun times. Having cheap t-shirts for family reunions can fit squarely into the event budget with this easy to make option.

Impress 'em! If you're meeting up with family or a group, get the clothing early enough. With DraftNook, these can include simple textual based shirts, funny statement shirts, or even simple photo based clothing pieces.

Lower costs. Only people wanting clothing should buy. When everyone is given the option, they can decide to buy on their own beforehand. They can also decide on the size and color if available. That's an advantage to going with DraftNook, as these particulars are kept in mind.

Allow time. This is easy. Just allow time before the family gathering or group get-together. Two weeks is about the minimal time needed for a quick turnaround. This includes a day to make the design, and time for individuals to go online and order. Nothing below two weeks is really workable here, because of shipping times. Disappointment from getting clothing late should be avoided. For the best way, please allow at least 3-4 weeks instead, and even longer. It's best to plan ahead and get these things early.

Family Reunion Sentiments Captured

Tender feelings or affections toward other members of one's kin group can make this time memorable. You may want these events kind of "captured" in time. Looking back in fondness can become easier with a physical memento of the occasion.

And that's where DraftNook can come in here! Let the artist here draw up something for your occasion. You or your family can decide if you want something just word-based, picture-based, or a combination of both. Hold on to these family reunion sentiments or nostalgia.

The process should be ... easy and smooth.

Ideally, there should be little to no trouble in getting things right before the time arrives. And at least for the shirt-side of things, there needn't be. Just stay reading to learn more.

T-Shirt Designs For Family Reunion Time

Let's Get to Some Pricing

  1. $100 - An expedited 1-2 day shirt process.
  2. $20 - A 1 week allowance for just textual based.
  3. $40+ - Photography based or more artistic endeavor.

Please Allow Enough Time

To get quality cheap t-shirts for your family reunion, allow one week to make, and two weeks for ordering and shipping. Not only should this be preferred, but costs are more affordable for the regular $20 or $40 design, while not having to rush to complete the work.

Planning ahead works out nicely here. While the quick-making process and shipping could have shirts arrive by two weeks out, this is not recommended. Please allow at least 3-4 weeks away from the event. This greatly reduces the chance of people not getting their shirts in time.

Through giving the online link to people who are planning to attend the event, the choice to order remains with each of them. Just about no way is easier. Each individual helps to shoulder the cost of the special day. And each chooses whether to buy and wear the specific clothing.

If you're ready, message with your request, to receive the email reply back.

Otherwise, you can continue to read about the process.

Further Cost Considerations

You don't have to preorder shirts. This can bring a quite acceptable situation. It's quite nice not having multiple articles of clothing to store, with their exact sizes predetermined. This can help immensely with cost budgeting and coordination.

This may mean saving some money. However, by not having to preorder shirts for attendees, more money could be spent on the design itself. Only if you choose to, some of this savings can be put toward the artistic look of the clothing. For example, when having a reunion in some lounge, fancy location or rich surroundings, your group may opt for some slightly upgraded design work.

Through looking at some reunion clothing examples, a more thorough overview of options can be revealed for quite specific needs. There are sketch designs and more.

The easier it is to make the design, the lower the cost. The more complex artistic works just require more funds and time to make an appropriate design.

Why Inexpensive Shirts Work

People realize this is only a one-time occurrence.

When these things are only worn once a year or even less, of course regular individuals don't want to spend an elaborate amount of funds. That's why many go with the inexpensive variety and that's just fine.

This is normal, so don't feel that your event must have some elaborate graphical work. That is, unless the event really does call for elaborate design work. The inexpensive variety is the probable selection.

Now if you want to reuse the clothing, maybe having more expensive clothing is the way. If having yearly family reunions, this option could work better and save money over time.

By the way, you can visit the secondary DraftNook shop over on Etsy. There are example shirts with nice fonts over there.

An Opinion Over Cheap T-Shirts

Although it's up to the coordinator or the group, you may not want to get shirts with a date or location. If these details are printed, the shirts could only last for one reunion event. Taking time and location off the printed clothing results in the ability to reuse these more than once.

There is the possibility that an event reunion is held less often. If the group gets together just every five years or something, then dates and places could fit more appropriately. These are just recommendations to think over.

So when thinking of placing dates or locations on the clothing, just consider how often the group comes together. Also understand if budgeting allows clothing for following reunions. That is, having basic t-shirts without these very specific details can be worn again, and this saves money overall for the events. If money is not an issue, specific details can be printed each year. For most though, the savings consideration probably takes precedence.

Whatever shirt is decided upon, reunion time is special and you shouldn't be dissatisfied with the level of artistic work. Things should not work out to be too difficult. With DraftNook, the concept can likely be accomplished.