Classy Shirts For Guys

(Made 12/2018; Modified 11/2022)

When looking for some nice male clothing to wear, you could do worse than DraftNook. On the more elegant side of shirts, the author of this site seeks to bring forth some worthy clothing.

Searching for classy shirts for guys? The DraftNook store offers several options. Feel at ease to buy, as PayPal is the payment system. If you have an account, it's easy. With no account, they still accept credit cards. Anyway, you're not giving out payment details to this nice site. This is stated here to offer buyer confidence.

Some Classy T-Shirt Clothing Options

Get classy shirt for some guy.

So the shirt make is an official Gildan 64000.

Let's delve into the meaning behind this clothing.

Ben Franklin here has a superb statement about ...

Solopreneur clothing.

One other simple, yet elegantly written artwork is the Solopreneur Shirt. This is a neatly put-together kind of font on the color black. It's also a Gildan 64000 shirt style.

The word segment "Solo" really stands out, to make it official that one is in business for the self. You need to begin somewhere. This can give one confidence in maintaining steady focus in goal achievement.

The second word-portion "Preneur" separates itself also. The beginning capital makes differentiation apparent, making one word contain much meaning behind everything captured.

Classy solopreneur shirt clothing.

Looked at in these ways, this clothing can definitely help you to focus on solopreneur activities to further the beginning stages of growth. Or perhaps, wear it over time to go forward when times become rough.

The cotton is more heavy than thin. This is shown up close in the second photo. Also the double-stitched neckline and sleeves give more lasting power, more durability.

Overall this is a great pick if you want a t-shirt to last over time. One could do a lot worse and with more poor lasting quality, in the world of tee shirts.

7 Ways To Dress Up With Class

A review of different ways of dressing when choosing from classy shirts for guys. This can be handy if you're curious about what exact color goes with what. Or maybe you just don't know where to begin and would like to have more purpose in common dress-up ways. And of course you're free to try one of these or go your own route.

  1. The black t-shirt.
    For some time, black has been the top color choice overall for individuals. This neutral color goes with just so much. It's more natural than trying to match brighter colors for example. Second, these are made easier to appear clean. If some stain occurs, after some washing it can still be worn and remain clean overall.
  2. Blue, red or yellow.
    These primary colors can be worn solo if chosen. They look fine in the singular fashion, not having to match with anything. White or black bottoms work nicely against these.
  3. Some combinations.
    Some interesting and vibrant options may include blue with orange bottoms, or even purple with yellow bottoms. An onlooker for instance, could see this individual with curiosity. These can work if wanting to draw attention to one's self. Second, they can work for differentiating one among an entire crowd or many individuals. The purple with yellow is probably more familiar for females (you know, flower colors). But depending on what the colors do for you, these may actually work out okay. It depends on style and choice.

    Another alternative is very light bottoms, like white pants. Pair this with one of several different top color options. This is great if you wish to draw some attention and stand out from the crowd. Though of course, this pairing probably doesn't fit in with many occasions.
  4. Overall skin tone.
    This can play a role too. If this is important to you, be sure to try before you buy. Then ask if you can do better for the skin tone. This depends on what you're looking for. Let that opinion come before what others think.

    If you try out what you already have, perhaps the colors thought to be best can be determined. This can be more time efficient than trying things out later while in some store.
  5. Overall body type.
    The thing to grasp here is if you want to appear more thin. If so, common knowledge is that darker works better. Black probably works best for this kind of preference. To appear even more thin, match the bottoms and make them of a darker shade too.

    Another tip here is to select a t-shirt size that falls below the waistline naturally. And that, maybe 2-4 inches would work out. This is because a shorter tee, like one above the waistline, makes one appear not-too-thin. Unless you want to look somewhat larger than usual, don't wear the shorter shirts.

    Unsatisfied with your figure? Go with the larger-sized variety of shirts. Having things hug too close to the body will only draw out your self-deficiencies. So if you don't want to have these (ahem, deficiencies) making undue appearances, stick with clothing larger than what you require.
  6. Add some extras.
    Consider dressing that t-shirt up with something of personal choice. Add some necklace if right for the shirt, like when going out in a more formal fashion. Consider even some pendant if that fits with the color and occasion. Placing another article of clothing over the t-shirt (like a vest) could definitely jazz things up some. This may offer a more dashing appearance, more formal. Some nice fashionable look may end up taking place before your very sight.
  7. Save time strategy.
    Maybe like the author here, you just don't care that much for worrying over style. One thing about not giving any care is that time is saved. That's great to get some lifetime back, without worry or having to overthink things. Just who is to impress anyway? Maybe in your case, there are actually some people to impress. This is no problem. Just refer to the other above styling tips.

    That being stated ... if you have no one to impress, then not caring about appearance offers these dual great advantages. Firstly, the savings of time over some single year. Secondly, you can save money not having to worry over buying articles for the next matching outfit scenario.

Reasons For T-Shirt Elegant Style

Certainly the common t-shirt is both less expensive and easier to store away than the expensive dress shirt. By pairing with dress pants or perhaps a top vest, the common tee can be moved up a notch into a more uptown look. And this clothing doesn't need ironing, like some dress shirts need. To go over the nice t-shirt advantages ...

  1. Less expensive
  2. Save dress up time
  3. No ironing required
  4. Easier for storage

Why stress over price and time waste? So go with the common shirt instead of dressing up, if you don't need the hassle. And through buying more than cheap or thin t-shirt material, the clothing will hold up better over time. The DraftNook store here seeks to bring forward nice material, not that which disintegrates or wears away easily.

Some DraftNook made shirts can pair easily with the more posh, uptown or high-class look one desires. After reviewing some of these advantages of classy shirts for guys, hopefully one can take confidence that the common t-shirt can be worn with class.