Entrepreneur Mindset

(Made 12/2018; Modified 10/2022)

This page may help one facing great challenge. It can be read before setting out to do some task or form a business. It can be referred to if dealing with skepticism or a negative mindset.

Let's presume you are new to the idea of the freedom lifestyle. This simply results from developing one's own way on the planet. But it takes some work, a bit of strength even, to get the freedom from having to work within some regular occupation.

For this writer, entrepreneurship is the way. This is the freedom to move about however, to be answerable to no one, to do whatever one chooses with time. To arrive there though, one must develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. Think of this like the building block from which to develop a way forward.

A mountain scene.

One does not have to become the flying monk, but it does help if you can get close. Getting some discipline can greatly assist the effort to build something in this life. As a comparable analogy, be like the monk. The monk does not exactly let the life be led around by feelings. Neither should maybe the beginning entrepreneur.

Without the right determination, hope remains as just some wish. Hope cannot blossom into results without some work. Building business up is not for the faint of heart. Or, maybe being faint is okay, just not ultimately defeated. That's because certain events will arise, unique to the individual. These events will try one's resolve. They may involve the pull of other life responsibilities, the setback of illness, children to raise, or the importance of family life. Just name the excuse, and life has the fulfillment. This is not stating "excuse" in the sense that other things aren't important. Though if being an entrepreneur has importance to you, you'll understand there is time available to find.

Before even beginning ask yourself if you're ready to commit to the task. Without determination to follow through, things can get real murky and unsure. The effort and the cost involved could go down the drain. Not a good feeling to have. This is really the way to avoid failure. Commit to seeing things through. Now to be sure, the right field of interest will need to be planned beforehand. No visitors to your subject of interest equals no monetary return.

After the subject of the site is settled upon, the way to avoid failure involves staying focused until knowing success. Without focus, things don't move along in a timely way or perhaps even fall apart altogether. So the lesson here is that online business can be kind of tough to get traction in. Just like within real world business.

Give things effort ... give them time.

The Art Of Business

Failure within business is like an art. If done correctly, one can find amenable work somewhere. Or maybe you enjoy some current work, and are looking for something else just part of the time. The point is that if working within some industry one does not own, you must be content with what you're given. There is nothing wrong with this life outlook. It is just that there are other options.

Finding work is not so hard. Finding a business to form is difficult.

The former statement is a generalization, but frequently an important distinction. One can be content with finding work and being given forty hours of wages per week. This involves some relinquishment of physical freedom within that kind of thing however. Usually, an employee is not the boss. Unless maybe, if several workers are all known as the owners of the entity. Doesn't happen too often.

Finding a business to make can be downright difficult and demanding. Want to know the cool thing though? Stating from personal experience, all the demands laid upon one's self are chosen freely. What exactly are the things about which I'm writing here? What is chosen freely?

These are some of the finer things in life. For myself, these kinds of things are incomparable vis-a-vis (in relation to) working for some company somewhere. For this writer, it is just not what is enjoyed.

About Not Giving Up

Take courage because there's some good news. Giving up will definitely ensure failure. That's the good news. It's that anything is better than definite failure when entering into online business. Right? So continue with the passion or business that is begun! It may just succeed.

Not everyone makes it though. Success is not for everyone, as also the long hours, or the endurance needed when not seeing visitor numbers improve. This simply takes endurance to continue. Without passion, endurance and determination are very difficult.

Three qualities ...

These make nice components for holding the online business attempt together. Without any of the three, things could get quite difficult. Before embarking on this concept of building some website or even during the process, check yourself regarding these important qualities.

Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success

Feeling beat? Things too difficult? All this is normal.

The option is to either let the difficulties win the day, or have the craziness needed to go right through them. Just by thinking of the task ahead, many individuals give up. No doubt. Trying to put together a business of some sort can take some work ethic. It's important to understand that if one gives up fully though, nothing happens. The concept of failure will definitely remain and be in place.

What seems to be the real difficulty for many who attempt an online business is perseverance. It is dang difficult to continue when there are no results apparent. Again, why does an individual apparently quit or stop short of following through with things?

Positivity is part of the solution. Without being positive, without some enjoyment, failure odds go way up. This results from just giving up in the face of very unenjoyable tasks that show up. By having patience and not caring for results right away, things are easier to push forward with. Without any belief of success, one may as well just give up and save all the would-be lost time. Ideally, do not begin business without having in mind from the beginning, to see things through.

Kind of like an athlete prepares the mind for some long training, the entrepreneur should do the same thing. And hey, at least there's no blood and sweat that has to be produced (at least most of the time). But it's important to know beforehand what awaits along the course.

Actually, this writing and motivation can be really important to grasp. When an individual is not prepared mentally and doesn't have full motivation to succeed, things can fall apart easily. So before beginning the course, take the time to ...

After this, giving up solves the problem. Or you can decide to move forward, accepting of both failure and success. Success takes time, maybe even work. It usually doesn't fall out of the sky freely to land on some fortunate one. So then the solution is to maybe work a little, and even maybe more.

Having an easy-going positive attitude is the key to success. With patience, work and time, you don't have to give up. Just continue at some pace comfortable for your situation.

Positive Attitude Has Gone Away

This is indeed the hopeless portion. If you ever come up against full-fledged 100% negative emotions (or emoticons, or whatever), it is best just to give up entire.

Do not play the fool and continue if this happens to be the case you meet with. This is especially true if negative events happen more often than not. There is absolutely no point in deceiving yourself further after too many of these setbacks. You do need to realize only some few people are meant to aspire toward success. Just understand it's not "in the cards" for you and move on. No harm. No failure. No loser label. No point (in continuing).

Now then, these few former lines can totally be accepted and everything is fine. Alternatively, set out to prove the mentality of giving up is not for you or your situation. It's all up to how much you want this.

Some Closing Thoughts

A chalkboard with thoughts.

Here is perhaps some psychological thought that may help you out. When completing some task, the same becomes easier when done the second time. This is an essential key to understand. Overcoming an obstacle is like taking one step toward success. Crossing paths with the obstacle and running away from it or refusing to deal with it are ten steps toward failure, all at once. It becomes far easier to accept defeat than to swim upstream through an obstacle, then another one or more. Be strong therefore and deal with this reality. Prepare yourself with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Many times doubt or discouragement can reveal themselves full force. It can happen that all positive determination, all winning emotions seem swept away. These negative feelings may appear before even beginning initial business tasks. Because of events like these, the hard thing is just getting started.