How To Sell Household Items Quickly

(Made 12/2018; Modified 11/2022)

In need of extra money fast? Sell off household goods. Don't need certain things anymore? Donate or move quickly by selling cheap. How to sell household items quickly? Online methods can help.

And you shouldn't be charged big rates just to sell things. Companies need to profit also, since they bring you easy customers and spend money to market their particular locations online. Generally, a kind of reciprocal two-way fairness should be apparent.

Maybe you need to sell things fast or just want to stock away some extra money for when it's needed. With certain seasons of the year, saving some money for gifts may also be the reason for selling things off. And if you just feel you're going to run short this year, selling household goods while reducing clutter can provide another reason.

Squirrel preparation.

Fastest Way To Sell Household Items Quickly

A pawn shop offers maybe the quickest money out there. However, this comes at a reduced rate than would occur at some major online selling platforms. Still, if in need of immediate money, this can work great for household goods, electronics, instruments and collectibles.

The advantages of a pawn shop include...

  1. No shipping costs and time to package
  2. No waiting time for things to sell out
  3. No concern over paying fees online
  4. No picture taking and listing things online

Since "time is money", as the saying goes, if you struggle coming up with time then this may be the best option. This may work fine if you just need some minimal to moderate money fast.

3 More Choices For Selling Quickly

OfferUp or Craigslist. These can help with selling local. Just meet up somewhere (like in some crowded place) and make the transaction. Again, have safety in mind when meeting somewhere. While having to take at least one picture and write a quick description, there are advantages over other kinds of online ways.

The advantages of local selling include...

  1. No shipping costs and time to package
  2. No concern over paying fees online

One disadvantage here is the crowd reached. Big online platforms reach the country population. These smaller city or town based platforms reach only the local crowds usually. So exchanges can take somewhat longer.

Poshmark. This is another online site for fashion clothing or dresses, and makeup or handbags for example. A great alternative that allows some extra pricing, so you could make top dollar potentially. Things having to do with fashion of moderate to high quality could likely fetch a greater price here than with eBay for example.

7 Household Items To Sell For Quick Cash

Following are some recommendations on what to sell and where to sell stuff, when you're ready to sell what you actually have to sell somewhere. And if you're curious and need some assistance, there is a list of recommended tools that can help you in the process.

Brand New Things

To begin with, completely new products may go on any selling platform out there. The more customers a place has though, the faster the selling time. That's the main consideration.

Used Books Or Media

Sell turntable records.

For common books, try and sell these on Amazon. For collectible and rare books, eBay prices can be higher. For book sets and to get rid of many at once, try local selling. Even eBay may work with book lots also. Magazines can go on eBay probably.

Old vintage records or turntables can go nicely on eBay. Collectors look for old things that are harder to find. Remember that there are only so many copies to go around.

Older records sell fine and the right ones can bring back more serious money. Be sure to check that old collection! Make sure you're not hoarding something unused among your household items to sell for quick cash. Place (make a listing) of these things online after determining what they've sold for in the past.

Used Electronics

A toss-up between Amazon and eBay. With Amazon you get a place with higher prices, and if you price low enough to compete, there just may be sales results. With eBay there is opportunity to sell vintage electronics like old stereo systems, combo VHS and DVD players, vehicle stereo equipment and much more.

Either one of these places can work with the right electronics. So if used or vintage electronics is your thing, there is ample selling opportunity online. Be sure to price higher for very large things since shipping costs for weight definitely play a role here.

Used Household Goods

Failure occurs when trying to sell some spatula alone (unless it's made of fine materials). But with combining things into a set, eBay will work sometimes. If needing to get rid of much, combine many things into a large set and sell for a moderate price. Drop the price lower each week or so until the things go.

With more expensive blenders, food processors, small fridges and more, any selling platform may work out. If you just want to let go of something then try a moderate price and lower it each week. This strategy makes almost sure the thing sells.

Auto Parts Or Old Tools

Sell old vintage tools.

Almost nothing beats the established eBay for this one. Pricing can be set higher when things are hard to find online or more rare. Many other places are not made for these kinds of used things. Even if the waiting time-to-sell could be longer, higher priced old things may be worth the wait if they don't require extreme storage space.

If you have some modern fixup tools or equipment, these can sell on various platforms. If they're almost new or haven't been used too much, these can sell at higher prices if the original prices are very high. Many will accept a reasonable discount for tools not overly used, rusted or dysfunctional. After all, many modern or high-powered tools can last for a long time.

Seeing that several of these from known brands can last years, many individuals are more than willing to save a few dollars and just buy these used. After the buyer is done, these can even be sold once more. For a craftsman or woodworker, buying used can save many dollars indeed.

One example. Let's presume you have a household electric tool that was bought for $200 a year ago. And you notice that you've not done much with it, and extra money is needed currently. If it's in decent shape, try it for $125 online. Give a week or month and bring it down to the $100-$110 range. Success is possible with selling tools.

Vintage Photography

Sell old vintage photography.

Here's a fairly cool old vintage category. Nothing like having something from long ago and thinking of how it was used years ago. Fixing the thing up and trying to make it function again may provide fascination with the past.

Again, eBay is the place to check some historical sales around the related parts or equipment or fully functional photographic machines. So many collectors may check here for old photography components or devices. Be ready for them and make a listing when you have things on hand from this camera or photography category.

Used Clothing Or Fashion

Finally the common thing. Used clothing or fashion garments are sold online extremely often. This could be a prime method for some folks willing to part with stuff.

Sell things around the household.

You'll want to consider what kind of clothing is on hand. General used clothing items could be sold on eBay. More fashionable or upper-end fashion could go through Poshmark. And suits with related attire could go either way. Amazon only allows new clothing generally, so that one is not an option here. Clothing is huge, so before listing something make sure it has prior sales.

And another consideration here is about how long it takes to place things online. Don't stress out for little profit. Regular clothing just needs one or more decent pictures with sizing and description. Fancy clothing like suits or higher-cost fashion is better with proper fitting described. So take some more time with these things.

A nice customer experience will usually lower returns. For suits and jackets, you could describe the height, shoulder to shoulder width, the back neckline collar to hem, or other dimensions. Take closeup photos of color and materials. Describe whether a two or three button, and other related important details. If selling expensive clothing, finding the right buyer prevents returns.

For further reading, visit this Amazon tips page about different ways to sell there. With broadening your thinking some, discover more than just selling physical goods alone.