Calculation Tool.
Tools Used: HTML & CSS
PHP & JavaScript
Security (Validation)
Security (Sanitization)

Math Tool Secured

Intro: Secure math based tool with multiple calculations, making quick and easy usage a thing. If security can be done for a simple tool with great attention, other things can be secured: web forms, contact forms, login areas, order forms, even a business database area.

Process: Making a secure tool was not easy. Learning and applying facets of form security is a necessity when using these things upon a website. When having clients or a customer base, it's an important must for business. Through much research and practice, securing a form is possible.

Pink peonies art work.
Tools Used: HTML & CSS
Flexbox CSS: Various translate, transform, transition, and animation element methods. Quite nice hover effect photo gallery.

Photo Gallery With Flexbox

Intro: Flexbox usage. Photo gallery. Captivating elements. Tried to capture all of this on a simple photography page. For best visit here, allow some time for hovering and being patient with each photo example. These are some things that can be done with CSS mainly.

Process: Hours. Took a long time to get things right. Good animations and even more can be worth the time, for making some art work overlays. The more captivating, probably the higher chance for a visitor to return to a website.

Snowboard sport art work.
Tools Used: HTML & CSS
jQuery & JavaScript
PHP Form Submission

Landing Page Example

Intro: A simple landing page with name and email submission to get details of some product. Of course some validation and sanitization in usage here.

Process: Some jQuery adds both snazy photo fading and word fading effects. Working with a JavaScript library can be just fine for some things. One shouldn't put too much skill into relying on an external library or framework however. If the external thing gets hacked, stops service, or goes down permanently, or some other negative event happens, there you go. So instead, to know programming itself is a great skill to have.

Snowboard sport art work.
Tools Used: HTML & CSS

DraftNook Blog Area

Intro: There are a few subjects of interest covered here... business, web development, web design, clothing design.

Process: Research and writing over time. Provided are recommendations for business, advice for where to begin, clothing design promotion for either a business or individuals, and among these some other random posts.