T-Shirt Designs For Christmas

(Made 12/2018; Modified 12/2022)

Distressed holiday clothing.

Christmas time is full of wonder. Found here a few t-shirt designs for Christmas. If you live in some rural country area, perhaps a vintage reindeer design would be nice. It has an added distressed effect for a worn-look appearance. Would look nice paired with jeans or some casual wear, especially if living out in the country. Deer are plentiful there and this shirt may remind one of this.

The DraftNook Store has shirts with descriptions found alongside many of the clothing articles. Something may pair well with your preference. One of these can even be given as a gift, if it matches a hobby or lifestyle for someone you know. Feel free to look around the store.

Christmas Gifts That Are Homemade

Christmas cookies batch.

People love to receive homemade gifts. Custom clothing can be close to these kinds of gifts. For example, you could order a specific made clothing article for someone you know or love. Taking time to have something made like this could work out great.

On a gift shirt, one of the lower corners could state "To" and "From" with the names beside. This gift-lettering could be designed and printed quite small, so one has to get up close to read that section of the shirt. At DraftNook, this could be done. There are other methods of course.

Getting a shirt specifically made has the advantage of not being so mass-produced. This is what "limited edition" shirts are like, or even the same thing in fact. You could even have it ordered and produced just once. This is relative to the needs or desire of the individual.

Homemade Family or Friend Gifts

Have an upcoming holiday gathering? If you're going to meet with family or friends, you could have a specific shirt commissioned to be completed beforehand. Then each attendee could place their order well before the time. Or collect the money, take names and sizes down and order the shirts yourself. This can be done with relative ease. Communicate through this website if that's something you want to have done.

You could take a group poll before the event nears. Ask their top three Christmas symbols that they'd each like placed upon clothing. Tell them you're thinking of having an article ordered to be completed before the big event.

After the results are in, just have the artwork completed. Then tell everyone the task is completed and they can each order one at some specific location online (like through the DraftNook Store for example). In this way, the specific shirts needed will be covered, since they are made-to-order. It's not like you need to have twenty or thirty on-hand.

The Wonder Of Christmas Time

You should not feel pressured to spend much for the holiday season.

In the world, the message is to get out and spend much. So if getting a shirt from this site isn't your thing, don't worry. The holidays are filled with so much activity and many times, there is pressure to spend more than necessary. Try to have a nice Christmas without being bogged down in unnecessary elaborate spending.

And thank you for reading from this website.

Nice Christmas tree.

The true meaning of the season is not about spending and buying things.

Without someone's birthday from long ago, the season as we know it may not even have existed whatsoever. So try and understand more about the way of modest living. In other words, material things only go so far. With the proper understanding of the season of peace, less pressure to spend so much comes more easily. This is written here for the reader's insight and encouragement.

Since this site deals with artwork upon clothing, allow me to get back to trying to sell you clothing or even multiple shirts. Yes, this kind of goes back against what was just previously stated. This is a clothing site with a store though. That stated, you don't need to buy anything here. It's just if you find something you like, feel free to purchase.

Think of what it's like to sulk in the wonder of the season, and out of the blue a gift arrives by mail or in person. This gift could easily mean giving out a uniquely made cloth article to members of your family for instance. Clothing that's not mass-produced and where only a few have been made, can have the effect of being special indeed. The wearer may greatly appreciate that "it's the thought that counts" with a more unique kind of clothing.