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Best Tools For The Seller Online

Getting prepared before embarking on the selling of products journey is important. If you're missing essential tools, it could take a day or more of time before being able to take another selling step. These setbacks could slow things down and affect shipping times negatively as a beginner. Other non-essential tools are less needed to begin. Be smart and get ready beforehand.

For eBay or Amazon, here are tools for preparing and shipping physical products.

Let's begin with the essential tools for product sales ...

Brother HL-L2360DW Laser Printer


This printer works great over the long haul. It can really last a long time on the included toner cartridge. For online selling platforms, it is invaluable when shipping is a part of what one does.

As to the apparently low yield of 700 pages for the included toner cartridge, the lifetime of the original cartridge I used lasted well over 2 full years! Results may vary of course.

The next thing is the toner sold separately. Remember this printer does include an original toner cartridge though, that may last 2 full years or even longer. Buy the extra toner later if needed.

Brother TN660 2,600 Page Toner


The toner here may even go further than the one provided in the laser printer. This genuine Brother model works great for multiple Brother laser printers.

The Scotty Peeler Set for Label Removal


Another invaluable toolkit component for an online physical goods seller. All it takes is one moment of being frustrated when trying to remove old store stickers or labels to realize their worth.

Accuteck 110-Pound Digital Scale


Whether an Amazon or eBay seller, this is an absolute necessity. You'll probably need to weigh packages before sending them out, regardless of the platform preference. And since as a beginner it's easier to sell on an existing platform with customers, having this scale is the way to go. It supports packages of great weight, over 100 lbs. if needed.

The Measuring Tape


Having a measuring tape will help immensely. Make sure it's long enough to get the dimensions off of big packages, maybe even to run across the circumference also. Having one of the flexible variety is most helpful. Get one of at least 4-10 feet in length.

Poly Bags Combo Pack of 400 - Various Sizes


You'll want to stock some inexpensive clear poly bags for shipping things of various sizes. When a selling platform offers warehousing, they could have strict requirements about storage. These bags meet warehouse standards quite nice.

The 350-Feet Bubble Wrap Roll


There's just too many things that are fragile before mailing. Having large enough bubble wrap rolls are quite important. Of course scissors are also needed to cut the right dimensions, and tape for sealing the wrap if needed. You don't want broken things to be returned, so having this bubble wrap is the right investment.

The HDX Scissors Set


Useful for cutting tape, boxes, paper labels, and much more.

The Tape With Easy-Cut


Useful for taping boxes, packages, poly bags, and much more. Having the easy-cut mechanism will save effort over time. No need to take scissors out and cut tape anymore. Of course an absolute necessity with so many multiple uses.

Boxes Of Various Sizes


As an Amazon seller, these are necessary if shipping products to the warehouse system. What happens is that various products are packaged and combined into these large boxes, and then workers sort things out. When something is ordered with 1 or 2 day delivery, it is shipped from the warehouse to the customer. It's a very efficient system.

Now for the non-essential tools for product sales ...

Avery 5160 Address Labels For Laser Printer


These address labels can be used for product labels. It is possible to print these on typing paper. Problems with that include having to cut away each of the 30 on-page labels and put tape on them or even over the barcodes. These are some of the reasons why just buying the self-adhesive product labels as 100 sheets can really help with things.

Avery Half Page Shipping Labels


As with product labels, these shipping labels can have plain typing paper as an alternate. However, these come with the sticky back adhesive. Regular paper would need tape over the top. Some delivery destinations prefer looking at the labels without any tape over them. Amazon has been known to prefer no clear tape over the top of these if possible.

Duck Brand Shrink Wrap Rolls


For sealing together package sets and related things, this plastic wrap works out nicely. There is also another advantage when it comes to saving money. This can serve as an alternate for using tape around some products. For some things it works great for this, and for others not so much.

Do Not Separate Label Set


For the Amazon seller. If shipping things to some FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) location, this helps the warehouse worker to avoid separating products that should not be divided. For instance, having multiple things in a set that belong together, all in one small box.

Sharpie Permanent Markers


For writing on some labels, boxes, or other things. These are great for multi-purpose functions. Getting 'em before you need them is smart. Writing on exterior boxes or elsewhere can assist with identifying things.

The Screwdriver Set Kit


When dealing with used products, these can really be handy. Especially with electronic things, being able to take them apart for testing is quite important. This can be relatively inexpensive according to the lifespan of the kit, but may be something on your radar to buy before beginning to sell certain things.

Heavy Tape Roll Dispenser


Great for taping boxes quickly. A smaller portable dispenser was previously mentioned. This heavy one is not very portable, but is standard for the heavy tape roll dispenser variety.