Content Writer


Do you have trouble getting individuals to stay and read through your material? What about content marketing that engages or informs the passerby? I would like to write quality info for your website, blog, storefront or business. This website writer wants to help with your online need.

Say you need content written for an article or post. Perhaps you want website writing done. Maybe you want some full-fledged piece with images, the SEO work, and the formatted Wordpress upload.

Let's go through pricing next. The standard post price is $50-100 for the 500 word piece. This just varies according to what is sought. And if further work is requested, please read below.

Understand the scope of your project. You may want more than written content. Other things you may need are listed. And so, there may be the raised rate. This would be added to the standard freelance writing piece.

Extras that may be requested include ...

  1. Images optimized.
  2. Wordpress uploading.
  3. Content promotion.
  4. SEO focused written material.

Writing Samples


Next comes the review of samples. Read freely and decide if this writer is right for writing. Thanks.

Remember that having material written up and given to your business or storefront makes things easier, since it has someone else take the time to do this part for you.

That is precisely what this website can help with. Feel free to visit the contact page if ready to begin the process.


Just reach out and contact for the writing engagement or collaborative work. Think about what kind of style writing you want for your promotional material, blog or website. It really shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you've something that cannot be handled here, perhaps you can be referred elsewhere. It's better to remember the specific niches I'm more capable of writing material about.

These writing topics include business, marketing and promotionals, tech and security, perhaps online tutorials. These are the general topics I'm better suited for, at the current time. Thanks for looking.