T-Shirt Designs For Family Reunions

(Made 12/2018; Modified 11/2022)

Family reunion shirt design deal.

There is the option to place an order for some unique reunion shirt if desired. Just message DraftNook here and tell of your request, need, or ask some question.

The online buy link itself is to be made either private or public. Public release would be so others (for whatever reason) can buy the clothing. Importantly, it can be taken down whenever your group is ready or decides. Your wish is my command, and these matters are respected. And if you don't have any request or forget to request these things, the default is the private link only and taking clothing offline after the event expiration date.

Are you visiting out of curiosity or perhaps have some event coming up around the corner? Looking for something with relevancy for the upcoming celebration? T-shirt designs for family reunions can be nice and challenging to approach artistically. The reunion can be centered around humor, seriousness, or may even be planned out thoroughly. Only the individuals going know for sure. And sometimes, they don't know what will take place.

Though, if you know what your family or group reunion may need or like, this website can bring the concept into reality. If you have no thought of what is needed, this site may still be able to help. For a relatively small cost, a shirt with words or design can be made. This works out for either a family get-together or some group event.

Options That Are Available

Generally, an artistic work can be made for the low price of $40-$200. This accounts for the time involved, the design process, proper font work, and other factors. Of course the more elaborate, the more expense would be involved. Prices vary so much, since the needs of the individual can vary so much.

There is the choice to go with the shirt most people prefer. One thing you could do is have many concepts made, and give the attendees options. Have them select which they prefer. Have them select in numbered order, from the best to least liked. This costs a bit more, but may be found worth it.

Let's go through some options here.

Family get-together clothing made.

1. If you are on a tight budget, this would mean far less elements. Maybe just words. Maybe a bit more with words and an optimized single photograph. Not too much problem. After that, other factors come into play. If money is not a problem, plan on spending more for something advanced.

There is an outlier if you choose. Get several options together, all at once. For a few hundred, you could choose to have three, four, or more concepts developed. Have the family select the best one and go with that.

Even better, all the concepts can be completed and placed as made-to-order. The multiple option approach is more than groups usually get, and this would cost quite the amount more. How much is difficult to state here, and depends on many design factors and the time things take. But this is an option to inquire about if your group has funds and is interested.

Family sketch shirt design.

2. One classical look is the kind of sketch graphic to the cloth. This takes a single family photograph, or a combination of photos and places them together.

Then the overlay, which kind of has a drawing feel to it, is placed upon the photo itself. Very nice look here, and this would go great being enlarged on the front side.

3. Another example among t-shirt designs for family reunions involves something like a montage. This kind of t-shirt can really work great. Think of this like having several photos of the family upon the shirt. This can really work out nice and DraftNook here has the experience with this! For something like the family montage t-shirt, you could ask each individual whether they want to be included or not.

Now, you may decide you want actual photos on the t-shirts themselves. This can be accomplished, though it's best to hold colors to the more minimal number. Too many colors sometimes mean coloration or fading problems. Generally the needs of people are not this particular though. It's best not to push the limits on that aspect of design.

Puppy family reunion.

4. This next effect is rather awesome. It involves multiple graphical output with text over some picture, and with the gradient of coloration just right for the photography. This is very tasteful and limits too many colors that could degrade overall experience.

So whether of the human family or puppy family, being reunited with loved ones to form memories that last, can be made even more special with the right artistic cloth.

Besides these options and recommendations, anything that can be considered may be open to being printed. So if your group has their own thoughts about what to be printed, then just contact DraftNook to begin the process.

Time Allowance Recommendation

You could mark this page to refer to if placing an order.

  1. Allow one week for cloth creation.
  2. Allow one week window for ordering.
  3. Allow one-two weeks for ship and delivery.

Please allow three weeks to one month in total. If the reunion or get-together is less than one month away, the deadline date may be missed. Understand that trying to meet three weeks would need to proceed quickly. This would need to have a higher charge, as much work may go into the shirt creation and quickly. Unless individuals don't mind getting shirts after the event, it may be best to skip the cloth offer here.

Though with one full month or more before the event begins, the t-shirt design should be implemented and completed with relative ease. The time involved just depends, when it comes to shirt completion. It depends on what you or your group needs. It depends on whether the design is more of a simple text design with words, some kind of simple logo, or something more elaborate which can also be done.

Offer Cloth Concept To Family

If your group has not considered having a shirt made for an event, perhaps this place can help. And if no one in your group has thought of this, you may want to offer the concept forward. For one, it could help to remember funny or even somber times together. Secondly, the same shirt can last more than one time. It can be worn again, like to a family celebration, a family outdoor competitive event, some day together or some holiday event.

Does the reunion have a specific day you want remembered? The date itself can be printed on the shirt, among the other elements involved. Meeting somewhere fantastic? A location-based shirt concept could work out great! It not only helps with remembering the nice time, but with revisiting in memory, the location of the family get-together. And that simple thing alone may work wonders in recounting such a nice visit among family members involved.

Traveling together somewhere? For either taking a cruise or going on some trip together, shirts can be great mementos. They can also help individuals with not going missing from the group. The strategy of not getting lost while wearing shirts, works for traveling among real big crowds.

Are you the one in charge of the upcoming family meeting? Or are you assigned the task of finding some product for the people involved? Maybe the coordinator of the entire thing?

If you receive an invitation to some event, you could recommend a unique take on it. Perhaps bring forward the "family reunion shirts" kind of thing. This author can help you with the content or concept for the shirt itself. Then it can be made and placed somewhere easy-to-access, so preorders can be completed before the event occurs.

What's great for get-togethers is that sometimes they are to be remembered. If you are looking for something easy to make and wear over and over again, a classic shirt may be the right fit. It can also help people involved to remember the time with fondness. These are some of the reasons a nice t-shirt can assist with a group get-together.

Event Coordinator Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions that may make coordination easier.

  1. Allow plenty of time beforehand. Most reunions are planned well in advance, so this shouldn't be a concern. Putting together a clothing vision can take some time. Just begin when you can.
  2. When initial invitations go out, send the shirt online link directly in email or letter form. If not being so direct, ask if these individuals think having a t-shirt would be nice or if they would be interested in getting one later before the event. Take things further and have a shirt designed, if enough people want one.
  3. You may also want to ask if they want to be included on the clothing, such as within a photograph. Consider if these individuals have photos to share right away also. In fact, if some are more social and have online social places they are active, just recommend some photo from there. Or ask which among the social photos they want included and just have them point to it somehow.
  4. Another way for buying is for the clothing coordinator to place the preorders. Just ask people involved for their sizes and color preferences. When receiving the shirts (earlier than the event date), just hold onto them. Later, hand them out at the event when others arrive.

In the event some individuals don't want to give photos, give alternatives.

Perhaps they are open to revealing pictures of times past. Have attendees volunteer to give pictures of when they were real young. Even better, have pictures given of when they think the past would show them hard to recognize from the current day. That way, the reunion group could just guess at who was pictured. Maybe even a contest could be held over this. The coordinators of the reunion shirt would know the answers for the contest.

If more open to revealing other things, consider having them send pictures of their religion, favorite music or magazine, or some other thing important to them. Or ask for multiple things or circumstances surrounding the year they were born. These kinds of things could be worked into the shirt concept.

There are other things that can be placed. What about the school gone to as a young person? What about some favorite vacation spot? Or some picture of the kind of work performed in life? Or some influential quote?

It's just some people may not want their picture on the shirt itself and that's fine. These elements could be worked into the clothing though, without too much trouble.

Estimated Totals Costs Involved

There are really just two known costs involved.

  1. The $20-$200 charge, depending on design.
    Much more complex is a higher fee for service.
  2. The $14.99-$24 cost per shirt, per individual order.

When laying out these two costs, one deals with the time involved with the design work. The other involves the printing press, the material costs, the shipping and the relative other matters.

Have another interest? Visit the clothing design page to learn about different purposes for having shirts made. You may have another family event, social purpose or business.

When selecting among t-shirt designs for family reunion time, hopefully this information from DraftNook was able to help. So thanks for reading and taking time out for this lengthy page.