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Get shirt design made.

What makes DraftNook different? This is a kind of commission-your-artwork or concept design site. There are templates available, but this site goes beyond that.

Maybe you have some concept for a family reunion, family business, a local business, your sports team, some church, an event or gathering, or perhaps some club or group. Discover how t-shirt promotion can help your local event or business.

Found below are some designs already made by DraftNook, and they are available for public buying. You can look at some examples there, if nothing else.

Need clothing? Feel free to message here to begin a cloth request. Don't worry about any request you may have.

How To Purchase Shirts

Custom shirts are presented in either a private or public manner.

One way of thinking here is to have the private link t-shirt cloth concept presented. Only people involved can view the finished product. This is the usual default shirt release, unless discussed otherwise.

You can visit the DraftNook brand to get a general overview of how a clothing article will look. Incidentally, this is also the kind of private link just mentioned. What this means is that the cloth is not readily accessible for the public who visit this place. This is nice if you just don't need or want others to place orders.

Now, different entirely is the public link. Clothing will be displayed for any visitor to the shopping website. You can visit the following links to check out some with this public option enabled. Or just skip over these for now.

  1. Some Fred Douglass clothing.
  2. Some Nature Garments variety.
  3. The Volleyball Outdoors collection.
  4. The Linux Computing collection.

These clothing articles are available for buying. Thanks for looking.

So if you want things set up in a public fashion, any visitor can buy the custom individual or group outerwear. It's rather easy to have some artistic work placed online for the private or public purpose.

Now that the two ways to present shirts have been introduced, here are some example prices. Have in mind that usually, the small business t-shirts are more affordable. For having t-shirts made, this site is primarily focused on groups, or small to mid-sized businesses. Cost efficiency for customized shirts may be an issue for a singular individual. Though with t-shirts already made here, only the shirt cost is applicable, not custom designs.

Current Cloth Design Prices

General cost range, subject to change.

  1. Cost of $10-$20 - You want your shirt graphic live.
    For an individual or group. This works for events too. You have a shirt and want it somewhere live online, so it can be printed and bought. No problem, as this is one of the easiest actions. Decide if you want it for yourself only, or also allow others to buy clothing.
  2. Cost of $20-$50 - You want non-complex design made.
    For the single design from scratch. This allows a shirt to be fashioned for uniqueness, so only you the wearer can get it. Though, if you want it could also be released publicly. Name the subject, and it can be made. Nothing too elaborate please, unless you're willing to pay much more.
  3. Cost of $50-$200 - Custom particular shirt made.
    For an individual or group. This process involves working with elements that may require time and complexity. There is also the option for a sketch drawing.
  4. Cost of $50-$200 - Small business logo placement.
    For placing business logo or statement on shirt. This also covers appropriate colors and placement. Other particulars can be worked out. This also allows time for back-and-forth communication. For the look and quality, recommendations can also be made.
  5. Cost of $200-$400 - Small business logo and shirt design.
    For the small business logo design from scratch. This comes from the client's concept. And then the logo can also be printed on the shirt and released for the business.

These mentioned prices are general ranges for the custom design itself. The actual shirt cost comes after that, for each individual who ends up ordering one.

Current Q & A Section

Platforms and Price Ranges

Some offers seem a bit pricey, no?
Yes. This is mostly based on the time involvement.

How about the general t-shirt cost range?
Typically a quality t-shirt may cost $20-$24. Some go higher, maybe $30 even.

What online store does the shirt appear on?
This is usually dependent on the course taken by the individual or company. This may mean something like through, through the arts and crafts location, or through the marketplace.

What about paying for the shirt or some design?
The trust issue is important. Payment should be safe and reliable. Payment on either Amazon or Etsy are self-explanatory, according to these site locations. Payment on DraftNook can occur through PayPal. One does not need a PayPal account, since they accept credit cards even as a guest. So you don't even need to set up an account with them, if you don't want to. In the case of any problem or fraud, they will work with either buyer or seller to work out the problem. The process should go smooth for you or your group.

Designs and Color Ranges

How about the number of colors permitted?
Color options usually range from one to five. These options can even go higher if the need is present. Usually though, the specific design will match up best with a lower range of colors. For instance, lighter lettering or design work will contrast better with the darker variety of backgrounds. Alternatively of course, darker design elements go better with the lighter variety of shirt backgrounds.

What kind of designs are refused?
The right is reserved to refuse working with offensive language, gratuitous material, or other negative vibes.

Will you make shirts about bands, companies, or people?
Not without permission. Otherwise, that could be trademark infringement. And I'm not really interested in that, this time of year - actually, this is quite a bad joke. Because I'm really not interested in disrespecting someone else's legitimate TM whatsoever. Certainly if given permission, things are then okay.

The Ordering Process

Is there anything that can be done for a more satisfactory result?
Maybe you want to make the process more optimal. Though not necessary, having some details can lead to better results. Try one alone or more than one of these things to get the thing you want.

  1. Send some written details of the design elements sought.
  2. Send images that closely match the design you're looking for.
  3. Describe what the group or audience is looking for with the clothing.

What if I'm searching for a specific quality of clothing?
There are many kinds of t-shirt fabric qualities on the market. If you need a something specific, this can be determined with some communication. For most people perhaps, t-shirt needs are not quite so rigid and inflexible. Something can probably be found for the detailed need of the buyer who wants a specific fit or quality of shirt.

What happens if not satisfied or need some revision?
If some change is needed, a revision or two can be done. Frankly, there are no ongoing revisions, unless you're able to pay more. Generally though, one or two revisions can take place if you're not happy with the design itself.

Is it possible to want something more with the final result?
This is a more rare situation and can cost much more. If you are just not satisfied with the total work, a work can be commissioned with outside assistance. If the design isn't the right fit for whatever reason and more is needed, more can be added on. Even another design can be sought out and bought with assistance, though more time and funds would be needed. This writer can help with finding some design or designer of choice. Be prepared to pay a heavy sum for this rare option however.

Other Questions and Answers

My question has no answer here.
Just send your question through the contact page.

T-Shirt Designer Website

Whether an individual or group, a shirt can be bought. Made already or custom made, this website author has a few offerings. It's rather easy to have something made or ordered.

For An Individual

It may be easier to simply choose a t-shirt from current offerings available. As previously mentioned, custom shirts work better for groups. The cost can become a slight burden at least. If money is not the issue though, no problem. Place a request to check if something can be accomplished for your want.

Some examples of clothing for an individual ...

  1. Simple textual shirt graphics.
  2. Request phrase wanted upon clothing.
  3. Portrait outline in black and white.
  4. Name of individual in bold colorations.

An approximate amount may be $40-$50 for clothing like the above. This includes the time involved in making things right for the individual request, and also the cost of the shirt you would order. Things may be more pricey if wanting more changes or artistic details. So the time and cost are flexible according to your need.

For Group Orders

There are a couple ways to go about ordering shirts for some group. For one, many times a clothing lot will be preordered in multiple sizes. This is done for example, when event coordinators don't exactly know who is showing up or how many. A general number of attendees may be understood to actually attend the event beforehand. Yes, that method of preordering can be easily be done.

The second way is for seeking to cut costs. By releasing an online link address to the public well before the dated event, people can order for their own specific need. This can work well also, depending on the possibilities and circumstances involved.

How can people order their own clothing beforehand?

  1. By being directed to the specific link, perhaps by an announced public release.
  2. The group party, event, place or business may release the link in simple print or poster form.
  3. Somehow reach people involved with the information so they can order for themselves.

Have in mind that DraftNook provides two characteristics for your group.

  1. The shirt may easily be removed after an event is over or you don't need it anymore. Per your request, the clothing can be kept live for some time, or removed altogether.
  2. DraftNook can make the shirt easily public accessible if you choose this option. This may work great for a business or well-known carnival or something that is ongoing.