14 Ideas For T-Shirt Promotion

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Both the individual and company can gain in numerous ways from t-shirt promotion ideas. Here is a big list, or read about shirt creation with the help of the DraftNook author.

1. Kid Business

Know some young child that wants to run the show?

For the child there is curiosity, wondering what-the-heck you could do for helping the rise to success. Perhaps the child already has the master plan and is just missing some key ingredient or two. The child may even think, what could you possibly offer me?

With having a shirt made for business, the promotional side of things can take place early. Word can spread about the endeavor at a young age. It's easy to market in this way. In theory one can wear the shirt and skip the business cards. Besides, kids are too busy with fun or learning to be handing out business cards.

Consider what the child does. Have a lemonade stand open frequently? Part of a car wash club? Part of some garage sale organization squad? Name the thing. A shirt can be fashioned around that thing. Then a specific date or place could be placed on the shirt, for easy marketability.

For the big business kid's way of life, the great predisposition to the world of entrepreneurship may be there and exist strongly. The feeling is nothing is gonna stop success. The child is ready to take on whatever may come.

The kid-preneur can be quite busy in fact. Though you could speak up and bring the concept forward of having a shirt made that centers on the kid business. And the kid could give your concept a chance, or may send it to referendum for parental voting. If things work out in the end, your voice may be heard and a plan formulated.

2. Kid Life Revisited

Let's slack for a minute. Presume the kid is just not interested in big business (i.e. the lemonade stand).

Are you or do you know some kid who has a passion? Place that passion front and center on cloth. Watch the kid's face light up as he or she is taken seriously.

The concept here can be either personal or business related. If personal, it could open the door of communication with the curious observer. If business, talent could grow by practicing what one likes. When very young, liking and passion rule. And this may lead to something potentially.

The opportunity exists to make something out of these events. Even at a young age, relationships or seedling business opportunities can have a chance to thrive. By simply talking with others, a kid can develop insight into whether or not to continue with some future path.

If positive feelings continue, the young kid can continue with the shirt and discovery process. Cloth can help one to have pride and confidence. It can also promote to others the viability and "coolness" of what the young person likes. By promoting one's feelings as a young child, the benefits to self can include joy, confidence and self-affirmation.

3. Local Small Store

Think of this as one of the standard t-shirt promotion ideas.

For the brick and mortar store structure, both wearing and having others wear shirts can be cheaper ways to advertise. 100 people can easily notice this advertisement form. For example, presume just one person wears a local pizza parlor's shirt or barber shop's cloth t-shirt. Then the individual goes out to the local shopping district while wearing the cloth. Pretty cool, pretty nice, and importantly, pretty inexpensive.

What's even better for this method of cost cutting is in addition, the shirts can be paid for by the customer. The customer can pay the whole way (which lowers advertising the most), some of the way, or even nothing whatsoever.

The customers pay the entire cost of any shirt orders. They can be given the opportunity to purchase by visiting the store. Set out a table or poster with an online address, so they notice where shirt orders can be placed. This method may move slower than the next two options.

The store can pay 50%-90% of the cost for example. Then the customer gets a shirt for $10, for $5, or even real low like $1.99. This may make sales more frequent. By paying most of the cost, the business expands marketing opportunity here.

Finally, the store could give away shirts at their own cost. As many as can be afforded are given away, perhaps with each customer order of some other product. This amounts to that much more advertising out there. After that, the local business just needs to treat the customer correctly, and repeat business can take shape.

Need help? Making business shirts is something this writer has experience with.

4. Website Address

As an single individual or family with a business, DraftNook made shirts can work out great! For example, clothing can have the direct link to the physical or online store. Either of these store types can potentially draw more clients or customers. And this particular version among t-shirt promotion ideas can work great. This is because they're cheaper in the midst of the expensive advertising age.

Become a walking billboard in a sense. By taking this simple step, the chances for success increase all the more. Again, in the age of big advertising, having a simple form of physical or online store promotion is the way to go.

This can turn into opportunities undiscovered that show up when entering a big crowd of people where someone or some group inquires about what you do. That would be a nice time to hand out a business card or explain in more detail. Along these lines, maybe giving out some store coupons to inquirers could assist too.

So get going and promote the business! There's nothing like having some actual belief in what you do.

5. Market Yourself

Pretty self-explanatory here.

Let's think about this a moment though.

Are you an artist of some sort? How about a professional clown? Perhaps writing is what wakes you up. Maybe consigning (selling) stuff for others. How the heck are you supposed to market yourself without appearing too overt?

Simple. Just wear the message "Hire Me" on the clothing.

Don't be afraid of self-promotion, so others can know what you offer.

Of course add on some words about what you actually do or something. Alternate words that may appear less obstructive to conversation include, "Ask Me About" with short details over your subject of interest. That's a great way to introduce your subject of proficiency to the conversation. The point is, it takes some coming out of your shell if you're a bit shy with your ability. Don't be afraid. What's the worst that could happen? Not so much using up your time not promoting your talent?

Well, if you are shy and could offer something to the wide marketplace, this may have helped. The only caution may be not to wear the promotional t-shirt to formal events. That may not work out right. But if you're kind of crazy, it just may. This is entirely up to you.

Shoot, take this even further. Get 10 shirts made with the same message and hand 'em out to friends or neighbors. See if they'll mind wearing the clothing every now and then. If someone asks them questions, you have the potential for the referral. Your name and contact can then be given out if someone is interested. After that, if they buy from you, the referral party gets the commission. Decide if it's 10%, 20% or whatever.

The ways to market yourself include more than these two options. So alternatively, just think of something for yourself to accomplish in the wide world of marketing! It may work. It may not. Usually, you don't need to give hours to this kind of marketing though.

So enjoy yourself a bit with this. Get a t-shirt made and go to town (that is ... to market).

Fun Ideas For T-Shirt Promotion

6. Donation or Fundraiser

There are quite a number of donation fundraisers that center around church, animals, boy or girl scouts, or some person with illness. Whether for supporting some cause yourself, or for some family or church event, or even for the local animal shelter ...

Winter clothes for squirrel.

... consider getting cloth made with Draft Nook.

Just fill-in-the-blank with the cause and something can be made.

Ways to include the clothing could involve having a carwash event, having door to door charity fundraisers, or even through giving out free t-shirt donations. For the more serious concern regarding an ill person, another approach can be added on. Namely, the option for social donations can be implemented. The multiple ways in which to raise awareness of the cause could have others donating to support.

How do t-shirt fundraisers even work? Have the t-shirt made and wear it before the end date of the fundraiser. Either preorder some number that you feel confident enough will be gone, or hand out a card with an online link. Either way, charge higher than production cost for the clothing. The mark-up could be $5 or higher per shirt, whatever may work out best. Then promote the cause where it makes sense to. Hold onto the difference, subtracting the production cost from total money received. And that's the donation amount. That's all it takes.

7. Local Band or Music Group

This is a familiar method for travelling bands. There are so many music listeners around. If some individuals like the music genre of the band, they may tune in or try to find some relevant information.

To prevent someone having to do in-depth research to find the new band, make sure individuals know where they can find you. Have where you hang out printed on the band t-shirt itself. That may work some wonders to actually getting the right people to the right place.

Speaking of music, advice - take time to make something. Too much is just thrown around out there. You'll probably feel better knowing effort was put into the song. Some of the finer things in life take time to make. No doubt.

Spreading word about your local band or music group is not easy when no one knows yet. Promotion can be expensive and having t-shirts made is one of the less costly options. And to spend less, the group can give the online link where the shirt can be bought. Then explanation can be given that the group would appreciate bought shirts. Further statement can be made that they are not established yet and cannot afford buying them for performance attendees. This method of cheap t-shirt advertising may work under some circumstances.

8. Carnivals, Fairs or Local Attractions

Having a big book fair? How about a large carnival? How about another attraction? And if it's a bit small with participants, think to call out some attraction by the workers wearing t-shirts around town. Make a hook that may bring others on out. Like, the first 100 to show up get the free t-shirt or another one similar. Make this clear by wearing the message on the front, with the carnival times and location on the back. Or get creative in some other way. This is all up to you, the people involved.

Carnival ride in seat

You could just wear carnival t-shirts with the set date and hours. Having the promotional printed on the shirt has the opportunity to bring in more people though. People like free stuff. People also like going to carnivals. Just combine the two, and get the people out. That's going to be probably more likely to point to success, rather than holding out. This is very true if enough just aren't aware there will be a carnival or another nice local event to go enjoy.

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9. For A Local Event

Go to some local fair, booth or event. Buy an order of what you think the company will need for the giveaway. Importantly, don't hand out freebies to just anyone passing by your table. Advice - this isn't cost effective.

Instead, make some valuable exchange of your choosing. Have a small chat to see if the individual is really interested in what the company does. Second, after appropriate level of interest ask for a signup like getting an email address to stay in contact. Third, then give away the free company shirt. You could even add another small free thing or two. Though a t-shirt is a nice enough offer probably.

To have targeted marketing, things need to be done in this manner. It is obviously cost effective, reaching people that show more interest than just stopping by to get free clothing. Secondly, if someone is excited enough about your business offering, word may spread more effectively. Spending time talking about what you do makes this easier for customer confidence.

Make things easier and order in bulk beforehand. Have a local event or several calendar events coming up? DraftNook can help you with almost any concept you have. Plan beforehand so things go easier. Going from concept, to artistic work, to back-and-forth, to finalized product, to order and ship times, should allow plenty of time to meet the deadline in mind.

10. Speaking Engagements

Ah, the art of speaking. The vast majority are not versed in giving speeches before an audience. If this ability is present in your life, the benefits of shirt promotion reach even toward you.

Microphone on stage.

Question if you can afford to buy around 10 for a small audience, or more for a larger group. Have a table nearby with a signup form. Don't be afraid to state there is a limited supply. In exchange for signing up for further information, email send-outs, or a personal consultation, the individual walks away with the free shirt.

Even at losing the cost of shirts, what is gained happens to be two-fold. One, the opportunity to bring someone in and offer service more pricey than the shirt of course. Two, if the individual goes somewhere else then at least the clothing may be noticed out there. Another individual may actually end up visiting your store or offering.

If you need to get going promoting yourself, then order shirts for business. Speakers, authors, writers and more can gain advantage from getting the word out about their particular service. Having conversation open about your work may lead to someone actually needing what you offer. It certainly doesn't hurt to try.

11. Giveaways Made Easy

Okay so, this applies if you are like a lawyer or have an occupation where losing a few bucks doesn't matter much. To spend a couple hundred on tee shirts freely given away is not much of a problem. Here's the thing. If you can spare some change, give away things freely. This may apply especially if you're an accountant, lawyer, dentist or someone who has the same loyal clients over and over again. This is important and beneficial if you gauge that return business could be coming your way. Or if you just state, "Thanks for being with us for a while and here's a free t-shirt. And I'd appreciate if you would recommend me to others you know that may need service."

If the individual receiving the clothing likes you, this may work out or not. But the loss is not much if business doesn't increase. If the individual does not like you, they probably wouldn't be coming back again anyway. So you could wait for repeat visits, and do this only with loyal clients. Maybe wait at least till they come back two or more times. And then, bam! Perhaps an inexpensive t-shirt or even a shirt with a gift bag could make you be perceived as a valuable resource in the local commmunity. Not a resource for the mooch of course, "Yes! Free gifts, love that place!" But you could be thought of as a valuable local business that cares for its clients.

12. Giveaways Crazy Advanced

If the business can take into account affordability and slower profit growth, go absolutely crazy giving away stuff.

This is highly advanced and especially so for the small business. Some may probably think this method is not only crazy advanced, but crazy foolish. Indeed, without a grasp of the bottom line numbers, the act of doing this would be quite foolish.

I mean, go ahead and give away everything except the barn door (bad analogy intended). Okay, not quite that much. The concept though is to give away enough to get some loyalty back. The ways in which this can be done are way too involved, and would take more thorough writing to cover. Mention will now be made of two ways.

To begin with, the business could give away a huge gift basket after a year of customer loyalty. An example is when the local optometrist visits with a client. Simply present the gift basket with something like four free t-shirts (preorder sizes through asking client) for the client and members of their family. Also include a free year of their favorite magazine through mail carrier. Give $25-50 off their next visit and finally include health food in the basket. Oh, and finally be sure to have two valets roll out the red carpet when they visit each time after being there for ten years. Okay, this last one was a joke (unless you want to take it seriously).

Company Logo Shirts No Minimum

13. The Survey Strategy

The wonderful thing about print-on-demand shirts is the low to nothing investment for the business. As for customers, determine where they shop online. Then try to meet them on that online store with your shirts or an interesting concept. This makes the ordering process smoother for them, and increases trust from the consumer.

Okay, so how do you determine where they shop?

One way is to offer some coupon of $1-$2 or 10% off of the next service, in exchange for taking a quick 1-3 question survey. This can be placed on the size of a postcard. Have the customer fill it out right there. If you have a barber shop for example, have the individual answer questions while waiting on service or right after the hair trim.

Valuable is honesty in business. State your reason at the bottom of the printed survey, adding some consumer confidence into the equation. And others just may appreciate that. State something like, "We are conducting this survey to meet our customers where they shop at." Or add on, "No name need be here, as answers are held confidential." Just be sure to hand out the coupon after they finish, since no method to track customer names is in place. Or just feel your own way out with this method.

Finally on the survery, state an approximate time later in the year. Allow the delivery of enough results over time. Finish up with something like, "We will attempt to open a shirt concept on the date of (fill-in-the-blank), at the primary place our customers shop online. In the event this is not possible, a second alternative may be possible. After that date, a notice will be posted so customers can get the shirt. If showing up wearing the clothing, customers receive 20% off once per month. Thanks for taking part." These words can be adjusted to fit the situation of course.

Alternatively, do take email addresses as one of the survey questions. Then these participants can receive direct response on the date the shirt concept is released. That may work nicely, as participants get reminded to place an order, and come by the store to begin getting the discount!

Besides customers returning, business can grow if enough word gets around involving the promotional shirt.

14. Print-On-Demand Logo Shirts

As mentioned previously, logo t-shirts can be made by this author if you want assistance.

Have one, two, or three shirts made up. Place a small or large poster in store. Include information about how to order and what each t-shirt means for the customer.

Say the dealings had with an individual are agreeable with fondness existing. This individual may order a shirt to just show support. Simply by liking a business with no strings attached, sales can be made.

One article can be the basic company logo shirt. Another could be the one that acts as the walk-in coupon. Another still could be the one for another kind of coupon. Or mix things up however.

What works nicely is to have coupon tee shirts. So a customer orders one, wears it on a specific day of the week or month, and gets a certain percentage off the entire order. The order revolves around the offering of the company, whatever that may be. Also determine the amount of the discount yourself.

Positively, company logo shirts no minimum ordering is the way. It costs hardly anything, if anything at all. So consider taking this strategy and applying it within your company.

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